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Summer Camp 2019

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Age group: 4.5-6 years old

wonder dot camp

This class is for young children who want to be introduced to robotics and

programming in a stimulating and interactive environment. Teaching is a step-by-step

methodical approach for instant results to their input. Repetition is the key to learning basic

programming. This class has a 1:4 teaching ratio.

age group: 6-8 years old

wonder dash camp

This class is for 1-3 graders who will use a more advanced robot to program

using blocky code which requires the ability to read. Teaching remains a step-by-step

methodical approach as students learn that planning and laying down code requires the

engineering process of design and build. This class has a 1:4 teaching ratio.

anki cozmo camp

This class is for 1-3 graders who are familiar and have used the Wonder Dot &

Dash robots. Cozmo is a more sophisticated robot but continues to lay down the basic

foundations for learning good programming skills. Approval for this class is required prior to

admission. This class has a 1:4 teaching ratio.



age group: 8-10 years old

anki cozmo camp

This class is for beginners who have never ventured into the world of robotics

and programming in their younger years. Cozmo will teach them the basic tenets of

programming and allow students to experiment and learn with their own Cozmo. This class has

a 1:4 teaching ratio.

VEX IQ & EDR Team Competition

This group level is set up for students who wish to learn about the engineering process through design, build, and programming. Each student is given their own robot to learn all the steps necessary to compete at the elementary and middle school levels. Due to the difficulty, cost and time commitment required for this sport, all applicants must be interviewed and tested prior to admission to this program.


2019 Summer Camp Class Schedule

Wonder Dot Classes offered on Saturdays during our summer camp 2019 will be available at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm for children aged 4.5 - 6 years old.


2019 Summer Registration Form

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Fee for 5 day 3 hour camp is $375 (Non-TEAM VEX EDR/IQ competition) Fee for each Saturday 1 hour class is $25. Team Competition VEX robotics classes are by invite only. If registering for a Saturday class, please mention which hour you'd prefer down in the COMMENTS section. Fee for July 1, 2, 3, 5 is $15/hour. Please note there is no class instruction for that week EXCEPT for VEX IQ & EDR.